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Shoulder pain and more

My first visit to Jenny Bisset Acupuncture was inspired by constant, significant shoulder pain I’d been experiencing for more than two years following a surfing accident.  Medications and traditional, western approaches by my HMO did little to help.   Two visits to Jenny not only helped; her acupuncture treatments SOLVED my shoulder problem.  Permanently.  Each of the two treatments took about 30 minutes. No meds.  No surgery.  I was curious about the needles and whether or not I’d feel them; I felt nothing beyond an occasional and painless, warm rush at the point of contact.

The clinic is warm, welcoming and comfortable; I found the treatments to be relaxing in general – I just closed my eyes, answered Jenny’s questions, and enjoyed an afternoon nap while the needles did their work.

I’ve returned to Jenny Bisset perhaps a dozen times for a variety of treatments: hip pain, vastly reduced and improving still; erectile dysfunction, the issue is resolving favorably; low back pain, mobility restored and exercise recommendations heeded – pain disappearing; sciatic nerve inflammation, gone; anxiety and stress treatments including acupuncture and herbs have been very effective.  Unlike my prescribed anxiety meds, acupuncture treatments are free of side effects and, with herbs as an ongoing part of my treatment plan, more effective than prescription drugs.

I am convinced, from personal experience, that acupuncture and herbs address many health related issues with a higher degree of efficacy than western medical practices.  Jenny’s treatments are designed to bring immediate relief and, over time, to solve health related issues.  The cost of treatment is surprisingly little.  I recommend Jenny Bisset Acupuncture with complete confidence and great enthusiasm.  Acupuncture works!

Dan B., School Administrator  

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