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Complex symptoms

I first saw Jenny when she was earning her acupuncture license. I’ve honestly never turned back since. Her treatments are thoughtful and specific and her demeanor is so
gentle but confident. She’s been like that since she was a student and it has only grown
over her years of practice.

I used to be so scared of needles I would almost faint during shots. I spent years
with chronic stomachaches, panic attacks, headaches, and irregular menstruation.
Therapy and medication didn’t help and never touched on the true source of my pains.
Jenny has been my practitioner through my entire healing process and changed my whole
experience of medicine.

She has a natural healing touch but she’s obviously dedicated to deepening her practice
through seminars and study on each patients specific diagnosis. She’s very passionate
about herbal formulas and the power they can have on their own. She has very balanced
knowledge in western medicine to accommodate language that most of us are used to.

Jenny has dramatically changed my health and inspired me about potential for healing. I
don’t really know how to do it justice in so few words. From my heart I can absolutely say I
would recommend her to new patients because I already have.

Alison B., Midwife Student and Yoga Teacher

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