Telehealth Appointment Information

Jenny is now providing Telehealth appointments to serve you if you prefer to stay at home.
It’s super easy, effective and safe, and there’s nothing to download.

To book a Telehealth appointment please call Jenny at 650-206-8116, or email

How Do Telehealth Appointments Work?

There are many effective, safe holistic modalities available to use at home that can help you stay healthy or treat your symptoms.

Jenny is offering several services via remote tele-conferencing including:

What Can be Treated?

Just about anything can be treated remotely. Some of the most common treatments include:

  • stress & anxiety relief
  • natural immune support
  • energy enhancement
  • digestive health
  • pain conditions
  • insomnia
  • fertility and women’s health
  • eye conditions (especially for those who are in maintenance treatments)

Telehealth Treatment Methods

These are the most common types of methods used to treat patients during a Telehealth appointment. Remember, they are effective, simple and safe.

Yes, you can treat yourself at home!

Jenny will send you special press-on mini points that can be self-administered or placed by a family member. You’ll receive those by mail before your scheduled video appointment. Then, during the visit she will instruct you in placing the points according to your condition.

After placing the points, you will rest, just like at the clinic, to let your body do its work. At the end of your rest, you will check in with Jenny on the video conference tool to finish the appointment. This system can be used on a person of any age, including kids and babies.

Similar to Tele-Puncture but using pressure instead of press-on points.
Ear Seeds
These seeds can be used on the ears or other parts of the body, and are placed on different points based on the condition.

You will either pick-up or have the kit mailed to you, then you can follow the directions on your own, or schedule a video appointment for Jenny to help guide you.

The practice of burning this wonderful herb near points on the body can yield great benefits for building immunity, for prevention of illness, or for treatment of many conditions.

A moxa stick (kind of like a giant incense stick) will be mailed or delivered to you before your scheduled appointment, during which you will receive instructions on safely using it.

Phone Consultations
Advice can be given on many subjects including lifestyle tips to naturally boost your immune system, herbs & supplements to prevent or treat many conditions, stress reduction, diet and food therapy to prevent illness, energy exercises, and tools such as moxa and gua-sha.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Jenny Bisset and her wealth of expertise and experience in Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine).

Telehealth Appointment Pricing

  • 30 minute Tele-Health session: $60
  • 45 minute Tele-Health session: $100
  • 60 minute Tele-Health session: $120
  • 90 minute Tele-Health session: $150

Insurance Coverage Information

Patients who currently have acupuncture benefits with Cigna and United Health may have coverage. Please check with your insurer for details on tele-health.

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