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Back Pain Gone

I had a fantastic benefit in coming to see you. In fact, you cured me! My ongoing back/butt pain completely disappeared. I believe  it was the combination of acupuncture and your suggestion to  significantly  increase my water consumption.

Carter H., Fitness Expert

Hopeful and healthful

I am receiving many benefits from being in Jenny’s care. I am overall more healthful, relaxed and positive.  Seeing Jenny on a regular basis is also helping me handle my grief in a positive manner.  I am also more hopeful about my overall health.

Lezlee W., College Professor

In the moment

When I am in Jenny’s care I feel her approach me and the moment as a unique opportunity. She works with impeccable care and passionately draws from a rich body of knowledge.

Karen A., Nurse and Bodyworker

Weight loss and diabetes

Jenny’s treatments have really helped my diabetic blood sugar levels, my chronic knee pain, and weight loss.  I feel the biggest benefit is my overall health and the fact that I feel good all the time. Duane H., Retired
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