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Low back pain

Jenny Bisset treated me for lower back pain induced by heavy lifting and by exercise on more than one occasion.  I’ve had occasional recurrent back pain for the last ten years.  I know from experience that once I get it I pretty much have to wait until it heals which can take days if not weeks.  The pain can be pretty severe, and the only relief I’ve had in the past was from anti-inflammatories.  Jenny treated me to increase blood flow to promote healing and reduced my pain significantly. I was back on my feet and pain free in a much shorter time than I would have been otherwise.  We did not use any herbal medicine in my treatment.   I will admit I have a dislike of needles in general, but the needles she uses are quite small and hardly noticeable.  In fact, on at least one occasion I was so relaxed I quickly fell asleep on the table.  I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone experiencing back pain of any kind.

Alan A., Computer Software Engineer

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